Case Study: Shifting Gears & Getting Results for a Graphic Design Agency

Project Overview

KEYLAY Design enlisted my services to bring new life to their web and social content. I came in and developed a strategy combining SEO and industry research to address their client’s pain points. This strategy evolved into a campaign consisting of articles, marketing video, and social content. The final result? KEYLAY’s site traffic increased by 64%, generating high-quality leads and revenue for the agency.

Business Type

Graphic Design Agency


Content and Social Media Strategy, Copywriting, Ghostwriting

Defining the Audience

Setting the Stage

As a full-service graphic design agency, KEYLAY hit a plateau with businesses reaching out to them for design services. Many of them were smaller and wanted one-off projects, not long-term partnerships. I recommended focusing first on what they wanted to be known for: branding and design. Next, we established the types of companies to approach. From there, I began researching the primary motivators for KEYLAY’s ideal client.

Doing the Research

What did their audience want?

I dove into keyword research and social listening to get a sense of what KEYLAY’s audience was saying online. Based on the insights gathered, I created a list of topics addressing problems these businesses faced with design and marketing. Common problems included: finding reliable designers and a lack of awareness of what the project process entailed. This created a space for the agency to step in and become a helpful resource.

Writing the Content

Answering Their Burning Questions

KEYLAY wasn’t just a design agency. They’re a true partner to their clients. To show this, I wrote a series of articles, social media posts, and a video script. These pieces of content gave current and potential clients a behind-the-scenes look into the design process. Each of the articles focused on a different, yet related theme with the goal of educating readers. People could learn about branding, product launches, and how to work with creative teams.

2500+ Views

Leading to over 25% engagement.

10000+ Views

For a marketing video featuring KEYLAY’s design services.

64% More Traffic

Generating an increase in quality leads.


And What Did KEYLAY Think?


Teni has been completely invested in getting to know who we are, who are clients are and what makes us tick. Every time we work together the process is seamless and progressive because she does her due diligence to stay on top of our industry. Since she joined our team as a writer and strategist, we’ve seen a 64% increase in post engagement and organic traffic to our website.

Kyle Strahl